The American Buffalo Journal
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The American Buffalo Journal
This small handmade leather journal is constructed using genuine American Buffalo leather. Just holding this journal in your hands and smelling the leather makes you think of the old west, watching these "big shaggies" thundering through the prairie. This leather has a pebbled texture and is very soft and buttery. Only available in black, these are truly a piece of our history. The 240 pages are rough cut for that old west look and feel. The signatures are then handsewn into the spine to create the 1800's style binding with exposed stitching on the outer spine. The top grain leather used in construction to create these unique journals gains character and style with every bit of wear and tear. These journals are not only built to last a life time they are also designed to protect and preserve your memories for generations to come. Measures 6" x 4 1/2" and is available in a variety of colors with various closures to keep your journal securely closed while you are not using it. We have added an option of your choice of a medieval styled buckle to adorn your special journal with. Please chose from the drop downs. The buckles can be seen HERE on the buckles page

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